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 Things to make your enlistment easier.

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PostSubject: Things to make your enlistment easier.   2009-12-15, 17:33

Welcome and thank you for your intrest in the 101st Infantry Division !

There are a few things that you will need to know and do for enlisting. These things will not take long to do and will help the process of your enlistment. Remember that it is up to you to follow through with your enlistment. We will do our part but it is you that has to make sure you follow through and make sure you get every thing done.


- Must be at least 17 years of age * 16 needs Wavier

- Ability to commit four (4) hours a week ( Forums & XBL )

- Must have a Xbox Live account

- Must have a functioning Xbox Live Headset

- Must not be in any clan/ unit at time of acceptance of enlistment

Enlistment Steps

1. Remember that just because you just registered on the site does NOT mean you have enlisted.


2. If you havn't already done so when you registered, go to your profile and make your  name read APP "YOUR GAMERTAG: in all caps.(ex:) APP NEWBIESKILLS

3. Go to your profile and go to avatar gallery and pick the one that says Applicant.

4. Once you post an enlistment application, please check your application in 24hrs. The title will read just as you posted EXCEPT where is said " enlisting" it will say Interview or Denied. As well as you will see a stamp that says the same. Eg:

If it says Interview, please check you mail call on the forum. There  you will have a XBL message from our recruiter setting up a time for the interview which will be held on XBL.

5. After the interview please do the same as you did in step 4, agian you will see the results of that interview the same as you did with your enlistment.

6. If appected you will see the approved stamp on your application, PLEASE READ the stamp. It WILL explain the next steps of your enlistment process.

Agian thank and hope to see you among the ranks of the 101st !

101st Recruiting Staff

*Interviewing Schedule

Monday, Tuesday and Friday : 8 pm - 9pm EST
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Things to make your enlistment easier.
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