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 Rules for playing with the 101st

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PostSubject: Rules for playing with the 101st   2009-06-20, 18:49


I would like to thank you and your unit for taking time to post a challenge. We play with Honor and Integrity ! We strive to play the game as realistic as the game allows, and go by the rule “ If ya can’t do it or it can’t be done in real life…well you can’t do it in the 101st.

The 101st has rules by witch we play by and ask that you read them and follow them. We believe that by following these rules you will get the most fun realistic gaming experience you have ever had.




At the start of the game we will all meet in one party and our highest ranking member will greet the officer in command/ Clan leader. There is to be no trash talk in this party. We will brifly go over rules, weapons classes etc. Once both sides agree with standerds, We will then go into game.


Once the game starts, we play till the round is over. We do not stop the game for any infractions, UNLESS it is blantly obvious they are being abused!!
The 1st offense will be a warning. 2nd time team loses that round.
* The 1st time we have to stop the 2nd game due to abusive infractions the team loses the complete battle.


We realize that when playing, we all tend to get caught up in the game and let our gaming reflex’s take over. So after the game both parties will stay in the Party room and have have a chance to "challenge" any infactions that they have seen. Any thing from Bunny hoping to Weapons violations.

EX: We may have seen NYMETZFAN4LIFE jump off a 2 story bldg, or bunny hopped or camping. So we will bring this to you attention. Here you will have a chance to Agree/ Disagree on the charges. You will also have the chance to point out any infactions you may have seen from us.

NOTE: This is all based on the honor system, if you know you or your team member did in fact do what is being accussed of just man up and take the point, we will do the same.


For each CONFRIMED/AGREED infraction there will be will be a 10 POINT deduction from the team, and the points will be added to the other team.

EX: Game Final score: TEAM A 200 TEAM B 190, But after all infractions added/ subtracted

Offical Final Score: TEAM A 170 TEAM B 240



Bunny hopping

Dancing from side to side

Dolphin diving (Going from standing to prone in a quick fashion


There is no “Sprint running" standing up allowed except when moving from cover to cover.

You CAN run at any time in a “normal" speed.


Bunny hopping

Dancing from side to side

Dolphin diving (Going from standing to prone in a quick fashion


There is no random grenade spamming: BUT Your team can clear out a room/ building by throwing (1) granade/ etc in each opening of that building.
EX: Each man throws a 'nade in a window, doorway at same time.


There is no jumping down from more ( 1 ) window/ ledge/ roof height.

You must use stairs/ ladders

There is no camping for more then (3) minutes.* the sniper and his spotter are the only ones allowed to camp for unlimited time. You must tell us who the snipper and spotter are, as we will do the same.

No spawn camping (Going to a known enemy spawn area and just waiting for the easy kills)
We do understand that this does happen from time to time , but as long as we do not see it becoming a habit.


No Tactical insertion

No last stand ( Only sniper and spotter )

No Martyr

There is to be no weapons used in game that to not need to be in game.
EX: No need for anti tank weapons if there is no choppers and tanks

Weapons/ perks will be aggreed on before game


There is to be only one sniper/ spotter in a 5 man team.

There is to be only one support gunner in a 5 man team

There is to be only one enigneer/ demo man in a 5 man team

There will be no weapon/ classes changed till the next map. Once you chosse your class you stay that class.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read the rules and we look forward to seeing you on the field.


101st Company
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Rules for playing with the 101st
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